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Althea App in the Press: Aiming to close the cultural gap in mental health

There are many barriers that Black, Indigenous and racialized people face when seeking mental health support. These barriers can be attributed to factors such as cultural stigma, systemic racism and discrimination, language barriers, cost, lack of health insurance, mistrust, and a lack of culturally-responsive mental health professionals. Due to the disproportionate underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous and racialized people working in the mental health and wellness field, it becomes an added barrier for racialized people to be able to find a therapist who understands how racial identity can impact how we experience the world.

Althea Therapy’s mission is to reduce Black, Indigenous and racialized mental health disparities by leveraging technology to normalize therapy and improve the mental health of these communities across Canada.

Thank you to the Hamilton Spectator for the opportunity to speak about our mission and impact!

Read the full article here.

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