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About Us

Althea Therapy helps people across the country get access to culturally-responsive mental health professionals and resources, to reduce racial mental health disparities and destigmatize therapy for communities of colour.

Canada is full of ethnic and racial diversity, however access disparities disproportionately affect racialized communities in Canada. Not only can it be difficult to find a therapist, but finding a therapist that understands your unique cultural experiences becomes an added barrier.

At Althea Therapy, we strive to bridge the gap in digital mental health through access, visibility, and education.

What We Do

We have three main support pathways:

DIGITAL WELLNESS: Connect with culturally responsive mental health professionals on our mobile app.

ONLINE GROUP LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Join the Reclaim Program for a 5 week online group learning experience to reduce anxiety and soothe stress (one year membership).

MEMBERSHIP: Join our membership to get access to an all-in-one toolkit of masterclass replays, live events, and all of our workbooks and guides for as little as $10/ month.

If you are in crisis, please do not use this site. Call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service 833-456-4566 or text "START" TO 741741. If this is an emergency, call 911.

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