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Free yourself from
anxious thoughts & 
calm your nervous system

with the Reclaim Program

Rewire Your Nervous System in 5 Weeks With Our Online Group Learning Experience

Change Your Relationship With Stress and Anxiety with a Culturally Responsive Approach

Weekly videos to soothe stress

Library of resources and guides

Community support

Live group therapy sessions

One-year membership!


People all around the world are experiencing record levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Two years of restricted movements and major life transitions have taken a major toll. Not to mention the surge in anti-Black and anti-Asian discrimination globally.

The truth is, many of us are stuck in cycles of trauma, and don't know how to heal from it or where to find resources that speak to our unique cultural identity.

What is the Reclaim Program?

The Reclaim Program is a 5-week, interactive online program, rooted in culturally responsive care, designed to give you the tools to overcome stress and anxiety and reclaim your mental health.

The Reclaim Program will help you calm your nervous system and clear your racing mind. It's designed to elevate your lived identity, in all your intersections, to support your healing and liberation.

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Learn proven tools and techniques, alongside other folks, to calm your nervous system one day at a time, all while elevating your lived identity.


Gain access to a library of resources, workbooks and guides that centre your lived experience to help manage stress and anxiety. More resources are added monthly!


Connect with mental health professionals during live Group Sessions to get tailored advice and support.

one year membership as an alumni

Join future cohorts, attend live Group Sessions led by therapists, and access the expanding resource library for one year!

What Our Community Is Saying

Image by Isaiah McClean

"At first I was unsure of the format the program came in. But as soon as I started I saw the benefits of going at your own pace and the workbooks provided. I learned more practical techniques than I ever have through my years of talk therapy.

- Tatiana

Image by KE ATLAS

"I love the way this course is structured, from the videos, to the transcripts and learning sheets. It is truly an all encompassing program. I specifically love all the techniques, e.g. breathing techniques recommended to help me manage my stress and anxiety. 

- Anonymous


"I'm really loving the program so far, including getting access to all the bonus videos too! The Reclaim Program provides so much value for the cost.

- Anne

When does the Reclaim Program start?

The Summer 2023 program begins on June 5th, 2023 and runs for 5 weeks. Enrollment for the Reclaim Program is open.

Do these sound familiar? You have...

Trouble focusing and a mind that runs a mile a minute

Feelings of anxiety and/or depression that steal your energy

Irrational fears, resistance, and procrastination at work and home life

Feelings of burn out, overwhelm, and exhaustion

Difficulty setting clear boundaries and getting your needs met

Low levels of self-worth that stop you from being your best self

Join the program today to release your old stories, and go from someone who's always anxious to someone who's happier and more joyful.

Our Featured Therapists

Jhanelle Peters and Judy Lui

Jhanelle is a Registered Psychotherapist, the supporting Mental Health Clinician for the Toronto Raptors, and a professional member of the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapist (OSRP).

Judy is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist (RMFT), a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) and the Founder and Clinical Director of Your Story Counselling Services in Vaughan/GTA.

Judy Lui.png

The Reclaim Program is right for those who are:

If you want to break free from stress and anxiety, and learn effective tools based on anti-oppressive approaches, then the Reclaim Program is for you.

Release your old stories and go from someone who is always anxious to someone who is happier and more joyful!

The Reclaim Program isn't a substitute for counselling, medicine or treatment set out by your therapist or healthcare provider.

New to therapy, a lifelong therapy convert or not sure where to start

Experiencing mild-to-moderate symptoms of stress and anxiety

Interested in learning practical tools and techniques based on anti-oppressive approaches

How does the Reclaim Program work?

The Reclaim Program teachings are released in weekly modules with easy-to-follow videos, resource lists, and downloadable worksheets. All of the teachings are online inside a private, member-only area. Members can also connect with mental health professionals during live sessions.


An added-value is that you will also get one-year membership to the program as an alumni!

Transcripts are available for every session to give you an additional way to engage with the content.

What's included in the Reclaim Program?

  • One year membership as an Alumni

  • Time management tools to help you prioritize your wellness and avoid burnout

  • Weekly videos taught by licensed therapists and the Althea Therapy team

  • Access to our library of resources and exercises to reduce anxiety and soothe stress

  • Two live group sessions led by therapists

Althea Therapy is grateful for the support of our sponsors, MiQ and The Move Room, who provided free membership to the program to seven (7) recipients for the 2023 winter cohort.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 17.29.54.png

Althea Therapy donated a portion of our proceeds to the Native Women's Centre.

How much does the Reclaim Program cost?

We wanted to make the Reclaim Program accessible to underserved and historically marginalized communities as we know from personal experience how inaccessible therapy and mental health supports can be. The investment for the upcoming cohort of the Reclaim Program is $399.

We offer accessible pricing options, including a scholarship for low-income individuals. Apply here. To pay in installments, click here.

We also have an option for organizations interested in offering the program to their employees. Contact us if you're interested:


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