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Partner with Althea Therapy to improve the mental health and wellbeing of your community.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Together, we can become

champions for mental health equity across Canada. 

With Althea Therapy's Reclaim Program, your leaders and team members develop sustainable, culturally-responsive approaches and thinking about work, relationships and life that will allow them to heal from or avoid burnout, stress and anxiety, showing up as their best selves at work.



The Reclaim Program was developed to help individuals and groups thrive in the changing dynamics of life, relationships and work. This is about mental wellbeing - from a culture-first approach.

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Are you seeking actionable resources to support diverse teams facing burnout and trauma?

Join the movement to build better workplaces.


We've been listening to leaders like you, and we understand your desire to provide culturally responsive resources to your teams, tailored to your unique needs. That's why we created this package of culture-first resources in an all-in-one Hub just for you, plus a Teaching Guide to help you administer the workbooks and guides.

Our community loves using Althea Therapy

I can confidently say, I have found a therapist that can understand and illuminate the nuances of my intersectionality and hybrid identity. If you are looking for a BIPOC therapist, I strongly urge you to utilize AltheaTherapy!

Loving Althea Therapy's Reclaim Program so far. I love the way this [program] is structured, from the videos, to the transcripts and learnings sheets. It is truly an all encompassing program.

Thank YOU!! I'm so appreciative of your platform and work.

Our Partners & Supporters

Here is the list of media publications and organizations that support our mission, and gave us a platform to advocate for improved mental health for Black, Indigenous and racialized communities!

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Success Starts With Investing in Diversity & Inclusion

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