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Community Agreements
For Althea Therapy Professionals

At Althea Therapy, we follow a culture-first approach where we enable people across Canada to find a therapist or wellness professional, like you, who understands their unique cultural identity.

The Agreements

by Althea Therapy

As a member of our community of professionals, it’s important that we are aligned in what it means to practice cultural humility and provide culturally responsive care.

We define culturally responsive therapy as responding to and creating space for the client’s cultural context, which shapes their distress and overall life experiences.

We must make room for affirming cross-cultural interactions in the therapeutic process and respecting the dignity and agency of the client in all their intersections.

We want to cultivate critical conversations that create an intentional space to build shared language and practices.

By joining the Althea Therapy community, you agree to the following Community Agreements.

  • I recognize that multiple forms of oppression can impact historically marginalized people. I am committed to working from anti-oppressive values.

  • I will practice cultural humility and will lean into the discomfort to develop deeper, richer connections with my clients.

  • I will provide culturally responsive care in the therapeutic process by understanding and conceptualizing how the client’s social identities interact and influence the client’s perception of their distress.

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